List of Economic Science ( Keizai Kagaku )


Vol.41 No.1 (September 1993)
ARTICLES Takeshi Yoshida Theory of Inter organizational System Development: From the Standpoint of Holographic Perspective
  Jong Hwan Choi Wages Increases and Trade Account Fluctuations in the Korean Economy of the 1980’s:An Analysis with an Annual Macro Econometric Model
  Kazumi Sugisawa Hawtrey and the Reconstructed Gold Standard, Gold in his Theory
  Sang-Hwa Lee An International Comparison of Consolidated Accounting – The Case of U.S.A.,Japan,Korea,and U.K.-
  Cheng Ye He The Present Condition of the Reformation of National Industrial Companies in China :In the Light of Japanese Management
  Masaki Ban Heinrich Luden(1778-1847), ein Vorlaufer derliberal-nationalen Geschichtsauffassung (III.Teil)
BOOK REVIEW Yuko Arayama Rhetoric of Economics, Donald N.McCloskey
Vol.41 No.2 (January l994)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Rie Tsuruta The Change of EC-LA Trade Relationship -The Impact of the Two Iberian Countries’ Entry into the EC-
  Yayoi Kobayashi The Effects of a Bequest Tax with Endogenous Fertility Decisions
  Toru Shibata Fluctuant Factors of the Rate of Profit in the Postwar U.S. and Japan
  Hachiro Onoue Some Problems of the Socio-Economic Thoughts of D.A.Golitsyn -Physiocracy in Russia and Its Peripheries-
BOOK REVIEW Toshio Yamada Michel ALBERT, Capitalisme contre capitalisme
  Akira Yakita  
Vol.41 No.3 (February 1994)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Eiji Ogawa Towards Management of Technology
  Cheng Ye He A Consideration of the Economic Growth of South China Area -With Focus on HongKong and Kwangtung-
  Tomoyoshi Arafuka Decentralization and Division Organization -Balance between Differentiation and Integration-
  Asako Mizuno Goals for Individuals and Organization -From the Viewpoint of Self-expectancy and Self-evaluation-
  Yoshiki Ota  
Vol.41 No.4 (March 1994)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE Toshio Kanishima Accounting Characteristics in Japan with the Viewpoint of International Evolution in the Accounting Science
ARTICLES Jaw-yann Twu The Overseas Chinese Economy and Their Position in the Host Countries of Northeast Asia I959-1991 The Japan Chinese Image via Immigration Statistics
  Tamiki Kishida A Framework for Organizational Analysis
  Hyoseok Ahn Placement of Systems Audit from the View Point of Effectiveness
  Osama Ali Abuzied Demographic Aspects of Saving Behavior: A Review of Theory and Evidence
  Jianguo Wang A New Trend of Management: A Theoretical Consideration on the Global Alliance Strategy
  Eunsik Son A Consideration for the Choice of Accounting Method -With Emphasize on the Importance and Diversification of Accounting Choice-
Prof.Toshio Kanishima’s Works and Career
Prof.Tamao Yamada’s Works and Career
List of B.A.(Econ.)and M.A.(Econ.)Degrees conferred in March l994


Vol.42 No.1(November 1994)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Katsuhiko Sakurai A Consideration on Business Ethics
  Masayuki Sakakibara A New Basic Theory of Corporate Taxation: Application of the Entity Theory to Taxation Theory
  Daniel Bruce Sarpong nternational Cocoa Market and Ghanaian Economy: A Simulation Study
  A.A.Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury Some Considerations of the Characteristics of Japanese Corporate Finance
SURVEY ARTICLE Jiro Nemoto Generalized Method of Moments: A New Technique for Estimation in Econometrics
BOOK REVIEW Mitsuo Ezaki World Bank The East Asian Miracle (Higashi Asia no Kiseki)
  Shozo Hori  
Vol.42 No.2 (December 1994)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jun-ichi Senda Non Performing Bank Loans and Banking Policy in Recent Japan
  Tsutomu Sato Reconsidering Marx’s Two Propositions on Total Value, Total Price, Total Surplus and Total Profit
  Luanga Mukela Primary Commodity Fluctuation and Economic Development: An Econometric Analysis of Copper and Zaire
SURVEY ARTICLE Akihiro Noguchi Politicalization of Accounting for Stock Option
BOOK REVIEW Makoto Kasuya Yuzo Yamamoto, Ryo kara Yen e
  Naoki Nabeshima Paul Davidson Controversies in Post Keynesian Economics ( Keinzu Keizaigaku no Saisei)
Vol.42 No.3 (January 1995)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jaw-yann Twu The East Asia Economic Development and Business Culture: Comparing Enterprise Management in Taiwan and Japan
  Tadashi Yagi Optimal Regional Allocation Mechanism of Public Investment
  Shumei Zhang Trust, Power and Partnership: Building the Linkage Capacity
  Tomoyoshi Arafuka A Consideration of Integrating Mechanism in Organization
SURVEY ARTICLE Nobuyoshi Yamori Recent Developments of Empirical Studies of Multinational Banking :A Survey
BOOK REVIEW Naoto Kagotani Akinobu Kuroda Chuka Teikoku no Kozu to Sekai Keizai
Vol.42 No.4 (March 1995)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jaw-Yann Twu, Liqun Jia China’s Regional Economy and the Asian-Pacific Economic Integration
  Choi Jong Hwan Sectoral Production Function and the Pattern of Technical Progress: Korean Experiences since the 70’s
  Sanghwa Lee A Consideration for the Accounting of Foreign Currency Transaction : Emphasis on the Accounting Practices of Forward Exchange Contracts
  Noriko Asai The Core Competence of Companies: Management of the Process of Skill Acquisition
  Taisei Kaku The Relation among Environment, Strategy and Organization
SURVEY ARTICLE Takaho Ando “Public Opinion” or “Opinion Publique” in the French Enlightenment
BOOK REVIEW Takeshi Yoshida R.M.Tomasko Rethinking the Corporation ( Mirai Soshiki no Genri )
List of B.A.(Econ.)and M.A.(Econ.)Degrees conferred in March l995


Vol.43 No.1 (June 1995)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Keiichiro Asai Competitive Edge in Mold Industry
  Naoki Nabeshima Keynes’s Political Thought: Political Party, Democracy and Corporatism
  Haesun Bae A Comparative Study of the Female Labor Supply in Japan and Korea :A Cross-Sectional Analysis
  Takeshi Kobayashi Risky Asset Pricing with Insider Trading in a Continuous Time Model
  Kunihiro Ozaki The Political Philosophy of Sidney and Beatrice Webb
SURVEY ARTICLE Soemon Takakuwa System Simulation
BOOK REVIEW Takao Fukuchi N.Okuno,A.Yakita and T.Yagi ( eds.), Shakai Shihon to Keizai Hatten
  Haesun Bae  
  Luanga Mukela  
  Yayoi Mizuno  
Vol.43 No.2 (September 1995)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Akihiro Noguchi Accounting for Stockholders’ Equity
  Teru Miyanaga A Model of Endogenous Growth with Exhaustible Resources
  Arwa Alkhateeb A Structural Model for Integrating Patient Card Systems into a National Medical Information Network
  Satoshi Ishii The Economic Background of the Revolt on June l7,1953: The Raise of Labor Productivity in East Germany
  Eunsik Son The International Uniformity of Accounting Method
SURVEY ARTICLE Makoto Kasuya Business Groups and Business History:A Report of the 22nd Fuji International Conference
BOOK REVIEW Isao Suto Eiji Yamamoto “Doru hon’isei” ka no Maruku to Yen
Vol.43 No.3 (December 1995)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Nobuyoshi Yamori, Kenya Fujiwara Reemployment of Retired Bureaucrats in Financial Institutions
  Kunihiro Ozaki L.T.Hobhouse and the Philosophy of the New Liberalism
  Xiangli Liu Stability of Wages, Work Incentives and Contracts with Frequent Evaluations
  Shumei Zhang Organizational Learning and Information Sharing through Business Partnerships
  N.S.Cooray Behaviour of Primary Commodity Prices and the Economy of Sri Lanka : An Econometric Approach
SURVEY ARTICLE Tadashi Yagi Income Distribution and Economic Growth
BOOK REVIEW Hiromichi Mutoh Hiroyuki Itami Nippon no Jidosha Sangyo
  Yuichi Kanai Tatsumi Inoue Kin’yu to Teikoku 1
Vol.43 No.4 (March 1996)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jaw-Yann-Twu, Liqun-Jia The Competitiveness in Technology Transfer Process -Case Studies of Japan and China-
  N.S. Cooray An Econometric Model of the Sri Lankan Economy for Key Macroeconomic Policy Analysis
  Daniel Bruce Sarpong A Growth-Oriented Macroeconometric Model of Ghana
  Jose M. Castro-Lopez Foreign Dierect Investment in the Spanish Economy : An Empirical Analysis of the Macroeconomic Determinants of FDI in Spain
SURVEY ARTICLE Hiroshi Tateishi Market Equilibria and Economic Adjustment Processes
BOOK REVIEW Tadashi Minagawa Tatsuhiko Nariu Ryutsu no Keizai Riron
  Kazumi Sugisawa Ichiro Inoue Oshu no Kokusai Tsuka to Asia no Kokusai Tsuka
List of B.A. (Econ.) and M.A. (Econ.) Degrees conferred in March 1996


Vol.44 No.1 (June 1996)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Hiroshi Osada “An Outward-Looking Policy and it’s Impact on the Indonesian Manufacturing Industry : 1985-1990”
  Sanghawa Lee “A Study of Exchage Gain or Loss Distributability in Current Rate Valuation”
  Kazumu Sugisawa “Hawtrey’s Gold Exchange Standard”
  Lrong Lim “The Influence of Corporate Culuture on Human Resource Management Types in ASEAN and Japanese Organization”
  Shang Zhou Xie “A Consideration about the Philanthropy of Multinational Corporation: Its Logic and Strategic Development”
SURVEY ARTICLE Naoki Fukuzawa “Formation and Development of Social Insurance in Wihelmine Germany: Research Works in the Past and Remaining Points at Issue”
BOOK REVIEW Mitsuo Yamada Ichiro Tokutsu : Seisan Kozo no Keiryo Bunseki
  Hideharu Saito  
  Daniel Bruce Sarpong  
  Lrong Y Lim  
  Nawalage Senevirace Cooray  
  Jang Hwan Choi  
Vol.44 No.2 (September 1996)
  Author Title
ARTICLE Nobuyoshi Yamori “Japanese Corporate Finance during the High Growth Period : An Analysis of the Low Interest Rates in the Corporate Bond Market”
  Narunto Nishigaki “An Essay on Financial Instability Caused by Asymmetric Risk Estimation”
  Jose M. Castro-Lopez “Analytical and Empirical Considerations of Japanese Foreign Direct Investments in Spain”
  Noriko Furumatsu “The Just Allocation Rule of Public Education in the Presence of Private Education”
  Liu Ziqiang “The Possibility of Controlling Asset Bubbles by Policy”
  S. W. Hirantha “Strategic Trade Policy under Oligopoly : Retaliation with Export Subsidy”
SURVEY ARTICLE Yuko Arayama Malinvaud, Putnam, and Lindbeck : Report from XIth World Congress of the International Economic Association
BOOK REVIEW Masatoshi Shirai Kazuhiro Arai : Kyouiku no Keizaigaku
Vol.44 No.3 (December 1996)
  Author Title
ARTICLE Hiroshi Fujise “Julius Wolf and the Mitteleurpaischer Wirschaftsverein 1904-1918”
  Chikako Yoshijima “The Technological Strategy of Small Machine-tool Firms: The Product Development and the Competitive Advantage “
  Son Eunsik “A Study on the Japanese Lease Accounting Standards : Focusing on Financial Lease Accounting in Lease”
  Sanghwa Lee “Problems and Issues of the Korean Standards of Foreign Currency Translation Accounting”
  Narunto Nishigaki “A Reconsideration of the Recognition onf the Uncertainty Concept in some Economic Theories”
  Takeshi Kobayashi “Limited Ability in Information Acquisition and Asset Price Fluctuation”
SURVEY ARTICLE Motonari Yamada “Venture Business Studies”
BOOK REVIEW Fumihiko Adachi Yasuhiko Ebina, “Chiiki Keizai no Ku-do-ka to Higashi Asia”
  Yukihiro Wakuta Junzo Ishii, Marketing no Sinwa
Vol.44 No.4 (March 1997)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE Hiroshi Fujise “Main Trends and Present Problems of Economic History in Japan”
ARTICLE Naoki Fukuzawa “Controversy about the Reform of the German “Workers’ Insurance” around the turn of the 20th Century”
  Satoshi Ishii “The Economic Precondition of Industrialization in the GDR “
  Asako Terasawa “Organizing Process and the Definition of the Situation”
  Masahiro Miura “Organizational Intelligence: A Concept and its Implications”
  Hiroshi Taki “A Basic Consideration on the Right of Inquiry and Examination”
  Teru Miyanaga “A Study of a Relation between Deregulation and Long-Run Economic Growth : The Use of the Model of Endogenous Growth with Exhaustible Resources”
  Park Jongkook “Derivative Transaction and Accounting Recongnition”
SURVEY ARTICLE Souich Ohta “The Flow Approach to Labor Marcket : A Survey”
BOOK REVIEW Kiichiro Yagi Atsushige Matsushima, “Gendai Keizaigakushi 1870-1970”
  Soshichi Kinoshita Noriyuki Takayama, Fuiko Arita, “Chochiku to Shisan Keizai”
Prof. Hiroshi Fujise’s Works and Career
List of B.A. (Econ) and M.A. (Econ) Degrees conferred in March 1997


Vol.45 No.1 (June 1997)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Takeshi Yoshida “Productivity of White Collar Worker: A Preliminary Reserch”
  S.W. Hirantha “Conjectural Variations Model of Duopoly: The Case of Import Tariffs”
  Eunsik Son “Korean Lease Practices and the Lease Accounting Standards: from the Standpoint of a Lessor”
  Issaku Enomata “Policies Assisting Argentine’s Cattle Producers during the Great Depression”
  Noriko Asai “Skill Enhancement: trough Introducing ‘quasi-skill'”
  Noriko Furumatsu “Individual Preference for Education and Optimal Policies”
SURVEY ARTICLE ohzen Takeuchi “A Survey of the Approach on Modern World Population and Migration”
  Tadashi Yagi  
  Xiangli Liu  
  Soemon Takakuwa  
  Nobuyoshi Yamori  
  Jiro Nemoto  
  Yoshiteru Minagawa  
Vol.45 No.2 (September 1997)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jaw-Yann Twu “East Asian Economies in Transition and Their Challenge: Emerging Chinese Economy and Its Response with Taiwan and Vietnam”
  Hiroshi Taki “A Conceputual Model of Audit Risk Assessment in Planning an Adult: Based on the Risk Hypothesis Generation Model”
  Pavols Mourdoukoutas, Panos Mourdoukoutas “The Efficiency and Effectiveness of the New York City Police”
  Hiroshi Ozawa “Determinants of Product Cost Reduction: A Mathematical Model”
  Eugee Taniguchi “A Novel Aspects of Study on Corporate Social Responsibility: Consideration of the Framework for the Empirical Reserch”
  Issaku Enomata “The Crisis of Argentine Cattle Industry in the 1920s and the Minimum Price Law”
SURVEY ARTICLE Hiroyasu Uemura “The Institutional Analysis of Dynamic Co-ordinations: THe Stratified Structure of Market and Institutional Co-ordinations”
BOOK REVIEW Makoto Kasuya Hiroshi Yoshikawa “Koudo Seicho”
  Seekkuwa Wasam Hirantha  
  Sanghawa Lee  
  Noriko Hurumatsu  
  Chongwon Lee  
Vol.45 No.3 (December 1997)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Tamiki Kishida “Holdig Company: Its Oganizational Analysis”
  Nobuyoshi Yamori “The Reemploment of Retired Government Bureaucrats and the Choice of Management Strategies of Janapese Banks”
  Yuji Harada “A Theoretical Study on the odels of De-Industrialization: Focused on Uneven Developent and Cumulative Causation”
  Tatsuya Omori “Allocation of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth”
  Akeru Isogai “A Consideration on the Recongnition of Defeerd Tax Assets”
  Eun-Jea Park “A Consideration of the Systematization in Environmental Accounting”
  Masaaki Kanemoto “Welfare Coparison of the Environmental Regulation under ncomplete Infomation”
  Jun’ichi Nomura “Capital Gains and Household Consumption”
SURVEY ARTICLE Wataru Ohta “Teh Determinants of Capital Structure”
BOOK REVIEW Nobuhito Takeuchi Naomi Maruo, “Shijo Shikou no Fukushi Kaikaku”
Vol.45 No.4 (March 1998)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Takeshi Yoshida “Community and Entrepreneurial Activities: Community As System of Supporting Entrepreneurial Learning”
  Wei Zhao “New Development of Work Organization”
  Keiichiro Asai “Technological Transfer in Skill Intensive Industry: Establishment of Skill Succession Method for Overseas Production Bases”
  Michiko Sakamoto “Effect of Taxation with International Capital Mobility”
  Akihiro Sawada “Capital Stock Measurement in Asian Countries”
  San Lwin “Business’s Ethical Responsibilities towards Consumers”
  Kawabata Kazumi A Comparison of the Industrial Structures of Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka”
SURVEY ARTICLE Ueda Yutaka “A Brief Review of Cogitive Negotiation Theory”
BOOK REVIEW Isao Ohashi Akira Ono: Henka suru Nihonteki Koyou Kankou
  Yasuro Hiranoi  
  Mitsuo Morimoto  
List of B.A(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees conferred in March 1998


Vol.46 No.1 (June 1998)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Takao Makido, Hidenobu Asada “Actual State of Centure Companies in Japan and Public Support”
  Wataru Ohta “Incompletence of the Capital Markets and the Inter-FIrm Transaction: An Empirical Study”
  Hongwei Ding “A Study on the Labor Participation Selection of Married Women in Malaysia”
  Tsutomu Kobashi “Mechaniss of Environmental Management Strategy: From the Standpoint of Uncertainty and Interdependence”
  Ayako Ukai “Land Use Restriction and Urban Growth”
  Yunfeng Li “A Strategic Choice of the Japanese International Enterprises: An Analysis of the Mechanism of the re-entrepreneur Strategy”
  Akeru Isogai “A Consideration on the Accounting Method of Tax Effect”
SURVEY ARTICLE Yoshimasa Tomosugi Ausit Studies
BOOK REVIEW Hirosih Osada Chikashi Moriguchi “Sekai Keizai Watching”
  Eunsik Son  
Vol.46 No.2 (September 1998)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Atushi Iida “Recongnition and Measurement of Environmental Accounts in Buisiness Accounting”
  Jaw-Yann Twu “Some Curent Silent Features of Economic Relationships in Northeast Asia; A View for Recent Asian Currency Turmoil and Russia Attend APEC”
  Yuko Arayama “Time Allocation among Employed Work, Self-employed Work and Housework: Analysis of Interaction between Household Members in Thailand”
  Misako Arai “The Formation and Development of Segmented Labor Market Theories: With Special Reference to the SSA and the Regulation Approachs”
  Jianguo Wang “Cooperation and Competition in Organization”
  Hao Wang “Effectiveness of BOJ’s Interest Rate Targeting Policy: From the View Point of Regulated Interest Rate”
SURVEY ARTICLE Tamiki Kishida Foundation and Institutionalization of Academic Association for History of Management Theory
BOOK REVIEW Jiro Nemoto Takanobu Nakajima and Kanji Yoshioka (eds.) “Jisshou Keizai Bunseki no Kiso”
Vol.46 No.3 (December 1998)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Tamiki Kishida “Complexity and Orgaization Theory”
  Yuko Arayama, Kazuki Taketoshi “Environmetal Issuesof Township and Village Enterprises in China”
  Itsuko Watanabe “Innovation Strategy and Ambidextrous Organization”
  Tatsuya Omori “Does Money Improve Intergenerational Income Distribution in Social Security?”
  San Lwin “Business Ethics and Performance: An Empirical Study in the Business of Store in Myanmar”
  Baharom Jani “The Changing Structure of the Malaysian Economy Since Independence in 1957: From Primary Commodity Producer to Industrial Base Exporter”
SURVEY ARTICLE Jun’ichi Senda Foundatin and Development of the Japan Society of Household Economics
BOOK REVIEW Hiroshi Tsukada Ionannis Karatzas & Steven E. Shreve “Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus”
  Kazuyuki Nimura  
  Mitsuo Yamada  
Vol.46 No.4 (March 1999)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE Soshichi Kinoshita Forty Years of Econometric Model-Building
ARTICLES Jaw-Yann Twu “Direct Investment, Changes in the Internatinal Division of Labor, and Employment”
  Sakurai Katsuhiko “A Consideration on Corporate Governance”
  Jiro Nemoto “Modeling Inventory Behavior of the Japanese Automobile Industry with Panel Data”
  Yukio Karasawa “The Effects of Inflation on the Pattern of International Trade: The Case of Monopolistic Competition Model”
  Jun-ichi Nomura “Tests of the Cointegrating Implication of the Permanent Income Hypothesis in Japan”
  Wei Zhao “Possibility of Unified Work Organization: Focusing on NUMMI”
SURVEY ARTICLE Takashi Matsugi Quantitative Analysis of Economic Activities: On Education in the Business School”
  Toshio Yamada “Economic Development and Political Economy in Japan after World War II”
BOOK REVIEW Takaho Ando Lucien Jaume “Echec au Liberalisme”
Prof. Soshichi Kinoshita’s Works and Career
List of B.A.(Econ) and M.A.(Econ) Degrees conferred in March 1999


Vol.47 No.1 (June 1999)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Jaw-Yann Twu, Junguo Lin “The Changing Composition of Direct Financing Pattern in China Open Market: A Primary Survey”
  Nobuyoshi Yamori, Joon Ha “Economies of Scale of Korean Banks”
  Akihiro Sawada “Total Factor Productivity Mesurement in Asian Countries: An Analysis with Multilateral Comparisons”
  Chong Won Lee “The Northern Policy in Korea and the Economic Scheme in the Japan Sea Rim”
  Sunhi Lee “Issues Related to Accounting for Knockout Option”
  Junichi Hayashi “Strategic Change and Politics”
  Edward Yaw Peprah-Agyemang “A Macroeconometric Model of Ghana with Emphasis on Inflation”
  Koji Terada “Chna’s Currency Reform of 1935 and Anglo-American Relationship”
SURVEY ARTICLE Takeshi Yoshida The Significant Role of Improvisation in Organization Theory
BOOK REVIEW Hikaru Ogawa Toichiro Asada “Seicho to Junkan no Macro Dogaku”
  Hongwei Ding  
  Teru Miyanaga  
  Noriko Asai  
Vol.47 No.2 (September 1999)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Nobuhito Takeuchi “Optimal Provision of Public Good and Tax Instruments”
  Asako Terasawa “The Second-Order Change in an Organization and Its Process”
  Engene Taniguchi “The Famework of Social Strategy: Strategy for Acquiring Legitimacy”
  Tatsuaki Komuro “Reframing Crisis Management Studies: Suggestion of Comprehensive Crisis Management Process”
  San Lwin “Determinants of Small Business Owner/Managers’ Store Managers”
  Hongwei Ding “The Wage Function of Female Employees and Their Choice s for Job Status in China: An Analysis Based on Personal Data from the View of Ownership”
  Miki Murata “Informal Care, Institutional Care and Optimal Long-term Care Policy”
SURVEY ARTICLE Atsushi Kitahara Relation between Capital and State in Southeast Asia
BOOK REVIEW Tamiki Kishida K.E. Weick “The Social Psychology of Organizing”
  Taiyo Ozaki  
  Hiromichi Muto  
  Mitsuho Uchida  
  Takeshi Kanegae  
Vol.47 No.3 (September 1999)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Tamiki Kishida “A Framework for Organizational Analysis”
  Eun-Jee Park “Disclosure of EnvironmentalInformaion in Japanese Company”
  Edward Yaw Peprah-Angyemang “Menetary Policy Simulations in and Extended Model of Ghana”
  Song Lei “The Institutional Foundations of Japanese Industrial Policy:From the View Point of Non-Market Interests Coordination, Rent-Seeking Approach and Transaction Cost Economics”
  Tsutomu Kobashi “Environmetal Management Strategy:The Analysis of Loosening Strategy”
  Naoharu Hiki “A Study of Pension Plans in the United States: Based on the Embryo”
SURVEY ARTICLE Makoto Tawada, Ling Qi Factor Price Equalization Theorem: A Historical Survey
BOOK REVIEW Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara Charles I. Jones “Introduction to Economic Growth”
Vol.47 No.4 (March 2000)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE Jun-ichi Senda Japan’s Financial System in the Future
  Atsushi Iida Business Income and Cash Flows
  Jaw-Yann Twu (Teruzo Muraoka) Subject and Methodology with the Asian Studies
ARTICLES Katsuhiko Sakurai “A Consideration on the Evolution of the Theory of Business Social Responsibility”
  Yoshimasa Tomosugi “Function and Limitation of Auditing of Interim Financial Statememts”
  Ryuhei Okumura “A Consideration on the Intertemporal Gains from Capital Mobility”
  Atsushi Kitahara “Development Possibility of Rural Small Industry in Thailand”
  Takafumi Sato “Changing Financial Environment and Japan’s Prudential Policy”
  Akihiro Noguchi “Environmental Accounting in Japan Update”
  Nobuyoshi Yamori “Does the Presence of Bureaucrat-managers Affect Management Strategies and Cost Structures of Shinkin Banks?: An Empirical Investigation”
  Shogo Kimura “The Analysis of Setting Accounting Standards by Evolutionary Game Theory”
  Eunsik Son “Problems of Lease on Tax-saving Effect and the Lease Accounting Standards: from the Standpoint of a Leveraged leases”
Prof. Jun-ichi Senda’s Works and Career
Prof.Atushi Iida’s Works and Career
Prof. Jaw-Yann Twu (Teruzo Muraoka)’s Works and Career
List of B.A.(Econ) and M.A.(Econ) Degrees conferred in March 2000


Vol.48 No.1 (June 2000)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Hiroyasu Uemura, Akinori Isogai “The Institutional Analysis of Socio-economic Systems and Institutional Economics in Japan”
  Hou Hui Ying “China’s Security Market Regulation: Problems and Measures to Further Development”
  Atif Sidding Elamin “A Simulation Model for the Real Sector of the Sudanese Economy”
  Kazutoshi Miyazawa “Moral Hazard, Dynamic Efficiency, and Social Cost of Public Servic”
  Hidekazu Tsuda “Reconstruction of the Framework on Corporate Governance Studies”
  Sunhi Lee “Disclosure of Quantitative Information and Its Problem for Market Risk of Derivatives”
SURVEY ARTICLE Shinichi Nagao “The Interaction between Natural Science and Social Sciences in the Scottish Enlightenment”
BOOK REVIEW Hikaru Ogawa Paul.R.Krugman “Development, Geography, and Economic Theory”
  HAMORI Naoko  
  OKUMURA Hirohiko  
  MIYAZAWA Kazutoshi  
  SONG Lei  
  KOBAYASHI Takeshi  
  NOMURA Jun-ichi  
  ZHAO Wei  
  OZAWA Hiroshi  
  KARASAWA Yukio  
  SAN Lwin  
  TANIGUCHI Eugene  
Vol.48 No.2 (September 2000)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Takafumi SATO ” Framework of Financial Failure Resolution in Japan : Development in the 1990’s “
  SHI Shimin ” The Formation and Issues of Small Business Policies in China “
  Hong WANG ” The Price Elasticity of Demand in Foreign Trade and Its Effect on the Exchange Rate Reform : A Comparative Analysis of China and Poland “
  Itsuko WATANABE ” Stratocracy and Generation of Matrix Behavior “
  KIMURA Taisei ” The Incentive Mechanisms of the Japanese Wage Structure : With Special Reference to the Human Capital Theory and the Mandatory Retirement Theory “
  Akinobu MURAKAMI ” Consumption Externalities in the Endogenous Business Fluctuations Theory : Analysis with Catching up with the Joneses “
  S. M. P. SAMARAKOON ” Employees’ Living Commitment and Organization “
  Kazutoshi MIYAZAWA ” Markup, Capital Accumulation and Taxes “
SURVEY ARTICLE Hiroshi TATEISHI ” Cournot-Nash Equilibria and Young Measures “
BOOK REVIEW Souichi OHTA Michael A. Landesmann & Karl Pichelmann ” Unemployment in Europe “
  WATANABE Itsuko  
  LEE Sunhi  
  TSUDA Hidekazu  
  PARK Eunjee  
  SAHASHI Yoshinao  
  TAKI Hiroshi  
  ISHIZAKA Ayako  
  ISOGAI Akeru  
  TAKAOKA Nobuyuki  
  HARADA Yuji  
Vol.48 No.3 (December 2000)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YAMAMOTO Tatsushi ” A Theory on the Performance of Corporate Diversification Strategy “
  KATO Satomi ” Corporate Culture and Human Resource Management “
  A. A. Mahboob Uddin CHOWDHURY ” Capital Structure Determinants : An Empirical Study for Japan and Bangladesh “
  OWAKI Fumie ” Creation of Product Concept and its Role in Product Development “
  Myint San ” Asian Urban Housing Challenge “
  Hettige Don KARUNARATNE ” Income Distribution in Rural Sri Lanka, 1963-1997 “
  KOMURO Tatsuaki ” Corporate Environmental Risk and Risk Management Theories : Consideration of Risk Communication “
  SAHASHI Yoshinao ” The Essentials of Forestry Optimization “
  SANO Keiji ” Toward a General Theory of Perfect Sequential Equilibrium in Symmetric Signaling Games “
SURVEY ARTICLE TAKAKUWA Soemon System Simulation for Modeling and Analyzing Manufacturing / Logistics Systems
BOOK REVIEW KIMURA Shogo Robin Cooper & Regine Slagmulder “Supply Chain Development for the Lean Enterprise : Interorganizational Cost Managtement “
Vol.48 No.4 (March 2001)
  Author Title
ARTICLES SAKURAI Katsuhiko “Business Management and Stakeholder Approach”
  NAMIKAWA Ryoichi “The Intellectual Property Policy on Plant Biotechnology and the Custom of Farmers’ Using Seeds for Propagation”
  OHTA Wataru “Government Intervention and Liquidity in Securities Markets”
  SHIMADA Yasuhito “A New Customer Profitability Analysis : The Segmentation Management in Distribution Sector Responding to the Change of Distribution Transaction”
  HAYASHI Junichi “A Study of Continuity and Discontinuity of a Rapid Growing Company”
  TANAKA Hidenori “Technology Transfer from Japanese-Affiliated Firms : The Case of Technology Transfer to Local Suppliers in Taiwan”
  NISHIOKA Kyoko “Industrial Wastes and the Firm’s Morals”
  KOBASHI Tsutomu “The Process of Implementation of Environmental Management Strategy : From the Standpoint of Sensemaking of Environment”
  WATANABE Itsuko “Significance of Constructive Confrontation in Matrix Organization”
CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE OHTA Wataru “An Essay in Celebration of the Retirement of Professor YASUDA Otohiko”
BOOK REVIEW KASUGA Yutaka ISHI Kanji, HARA Akira, TAKEDA Haruhito (ed.),”Socio-Economic History of Modern Japan 1 The Meiji Reform Period “
List of B.A.(Econ) and M.A.(Econ) Degrees Conferred in March 2001


Vol.49 No.1 (June 2001)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YAMORI Nobuyoshi, KONDO Kazumine “Where did Japanese Banks Close Branches after the Burst of the Bubble Economy?: An Empirical Investigation on Finantial Exclusion”
  Myint San “An Emprical Study on Housing Investment and Economic Development”
  MIYAZAWA Kazutoshi “Optimal Interest Rate and Endogenous Longevity”
  HAYASHI Toru “Organization and Power”
  KATO Satomi “Human Resource Management in Japanese Multinational Corporations: The Case of a Software Company in North America”
  Xian shu KANG “The Techunical Transformation of the Chinese Apparel Industry: Analysis of Two Decisive Factors”
  IWATA Ittetsu “An Interpretation of Organizational Commitment by Applying Motivation Theory”
  Jian-Yu CHEN “China’s International Capital Mobility 1979-1999: The Patterns and the Degree of Openness”
  LIN Ming-Hsin “Airline Alliances and Airport Slots Constraints”
  Xian shu KANG  
  NISHIOKA Kyoko  
  HAYASHI Junichi  
  KOMURO Tatsuaki  
Vol.49 No.2 (September 2001)
  Author Title
ARTICLES ZHAO Wei “An Framework for Theory of Work Organizaion”
  KANG Xian Shu “Enterprise Groups of the Chinese Apparel Industry: Direct Investment from Japanese Companies and Export Industrialization”
  ICHIKO Isao “An Analysis of the Management Mechanism of Japanese Firms under the Influence of External Control: The Entrenchment Approach”
  SUGIURA Hiroaki “An Essay on Tournament Theory”
  SUGIURA Tatsuaki “A Time-series Analysis of Relations between Male Employees and Female Employees”
  LIAO Jing-nan “The Internal Accumulation in the Process of Capital Accumulation of Japanese Enterprises: Meaning and Change during the High Growth Period”
  WU Ge “An Input-Output Analysis of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Chinese Industries”
  An Chi “Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Economic Growth in China: Granger Test of Causality between FDI and Regional Labor Productivity in a Pooled Time Series and Cross-section Data Model”
  KOMURO Tatsuaki “Corporation Model in the Risk Society: Process of Consensus Construction between Business and Society”
BOOK REVIEW YOSHIDA Takeshi Gary Hamel ” Leading the Revolution “
  Jian-Yu CHEN  
  KATO Satomi  
  SUGIURA Hiroaki  
  OWAKI Fumie  
  AN Chi  
  WANG Hong  
  SAKAMOTO Michiko  
Vol.49 No.3 (December 2001)
  Author Title
ARTICLES SAKURAI Katsuhiko “Management Study and “Business and Society” Approach”
  FUKUZAWA Naoki “Reform of Social Insurance in Western Germany after the World War II in Relation to the Arguments of Social Democrats about Social Policy (Part 1)”
  BU Zhi-Qiang “Target Costing: A Tool for Achieving Competitive Advantage”
  IWATA Ittetsu “Dual Commitment: From the Viewpoint of Organizational Commitment and Career Commitment”
  LEE Young-Jun “Internal Dual Labor Markets and Promotion Policy”
  YIM Sang-Hyuk “Internalized and Externalized of the Korean Labor Market”
  YOSHIDA Yasuhide “Structure of Accounting for Financial Instruments and Related Issues”
  KONDO Yasunobu “R&D Activities and Growth in a Small Open Economy”
  HAYASHI Junichi “A Theoretical Issue of Strategic Management: Strategy Content-Process Theory”
SURVEY ARTICLE WAGO Hajime MCMC and Econometrics
BOOK REVIEW TAKEUCHI Jozen SUEHIRO Akira,”On the Catching-up Process of Industrialization “
Vol.49 No.4 (March 2002)
  Author Title
In Commemoration of Prof. SAKURAI Katsuhiko
FAREWELL LECTURE SAKURAI Katsuhiko The Business Social Responsibility and the Study of Management
ARTICLES YOSHIDA Takeshi “Toward Construction of Business Model Making Theory through Interactive Analogy”
  YAMORI Nobuyoshi “The Day of the Week Effect and the Week of the Month Effect in the Japanese Stock Market”
  FUKUZAWA Naoki “Reform of Social Insurance in Western Germany after the World War II in Relation to the Arguments of Social Democrats about Social Policy (Part 2)”
  OHTA Wataru “Heterogeneity of Safety-Inclination and Asset Price Volatility”
  NAKANISHI Satoru “Commercial Business Development of Local Influential Merchant in Modern Japan”
  TAKAOKA Nobuyuki “The Corporation View and Its Logic Structure of a Stakeholder Model”
  TANIGUCHI Eugene “A Critical Examination of the Relationship between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Economic Performance”
  TSUDA Hidekazu “The Possibility and Meaning of the Case Study in Business and Society Study: Search for the Concept “Corporate Social Responsibility” Constructed in the Interaction between Business and Society”
  YAMAMOTO Nami “An Analysis of Labor Force Participation of Japanese Women by a Demand-and-Supply Model: Own-Wage, Own-Education and Lobor Force Participaion”
  IMADA Satoshi Organizational Learning and Improvisation
  SUGIURA Yuko The Autonomy of the Individual in an Organization
  KOGA Daisuke The Industrial Finance and Liquidity Management in British Banks(1896-1914)
SURVEY ARTICLE NOGUCHI Akihiro Asian Academic Accounting Association and Japanese Accounting
BOOK REVIEW OKUMURA Ryuhei UEKUSA Kazuhide, “The Contemporary Japanese Economic Policy”
Prof.SAKURAI Katudhiko’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2002
Vol.49 Supplement (March 2002)
  Author Title
An Introduction to Economics
ARTICLES OKUMUEA Ryuhei Economic Theory I
  OGAWA Hikaru Economic Theory II
  YAMADA Toshio Economic Theory III
  NEMOTO Jiro Statistical Methods and Applications
  TAKEUCHI Johzen, KANAI Yuichi General History of Economy and Management
  MINAGAWA Tadashi Economic Policy
  OHTA Soichi Labor Market
  NAMIKAWA Ryoichi Industrial Structure
  ARAYAMA Yuko Agricultural Economics
  TAWADA Makoto International Economics
  TAKEUCHI Nobuhito Public Finance
  YAMORI Nobuyoshi Money and Finance
  OGAWA Hikaru Public Economics
  WAGO Hajime Econometrics
  NAGAO Shinichi History of Economic Theories
  NAKANISHI Satoshi, TAKEUCHI Johzen Japanese Economic History
  KANAI Yuichi, FUKUZAWA Naoki European Economic History
  ANDO Takaho History of Social Thoughts
  KITAHARA Atsushi, HIRAKAWA Hitoshi Developmen Economics
  TATEISHI Hiroshi Mathematics for Economics I, II
  SOEC Style of Writing


Vol.50 No.1 (June 2002)
  Author Title
ARTICLES FUKUZAWA Naoki “Reform of Social Insurance in Western Germany after the World War II in Relation to the Arguments of Social Democrats about Social Policy (Part 3)”
  WANG Jian “The Hypothesis of Continuity and Human Resources Accumulation Viewd from the Case of the Rapid Growth of the Chemical Fiber Industry in Postwar Japan”
  WANG Fei, QI Shuchang, EZAKI Mitsuo “Productivity and Cost Structure by Industry in China : 1987-1997”
  SONG Lei “The Limit of Gradual Reform without Long-term Perspectives”
  WATANABE Itsuko “Duality Management in the Implementation of Administrative Inovation : For the Successful Implementation of Toral Quality Management”
  KATO Satomi “Corporate Culture and Commitment in Japanese Multinational Corporations : Focusing on A Japanese Software Company in North America”
  KONOMI Natalie “Considerations on Changes in the Banking System : A Comparative Analysis of the German Universal Banking System and the Japanese Main Bank System”
  ICHIKO Isao “A Consideration on Corporate Governance of Japanese Firms : An Analysis of the Tendency by Interpreting Questionnaire Data”
  IWATA Ittetsu “Organizational Commitment and Personality Type”
  IWATA Ittetsu  
  BU Zhi-Qiang  
  ICHIKO Isao  
  KOGA Daisuke  
  WU Ge  
  HOU Hui Ying  
  SHI Cheng  
Vol.50 No.2 (September 2002)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi “The 1914 Financial Crisis and the Gold Coin Circulation under the Gold Standard”
  KITAHARA Atsushi “Towards Land Policy of Small Peasantry Principle in Modern Thailand (Part 1)”
  SHI Shimin “Forming a Strategic View on the Innovator’s Dilemma”
  NAGAO Shinichi “Adam Smith’s Methodology and the Legacy of Newtonianism in 18th Century Scotland”
  Shi CHENG “Effects of Financial and Tax Policies on Township and Village Enterprises in China”
  WANG Hui “Redesigning Organizations in the Information and Globalization Age : ‘Matrix Redux’ and ‘Diffusion of Inter-organization Network'”
  KOBAYASHI Teruyoshi “Central Bank Independence, Inflation, and Real Economic Performance”
  PARK Eunjee “Characteristics of the Accounting Information Disclosed by Korean Business Groups : Disclosure of Combined Financial Statements of Business Groups since Financial Crisis in Asia”
  SUGIURA Hiroaki “A Theory of Firm-Specific Training in Labor Markets”
  WU Ge “The Impacts of Environmental Taxation on Energy Demand and Energy-Related Carbon Emissions”
  S. M. P. SAMARAKOON “Organizational Performance through the Interplay of Trust and Relations”
BOOK REVIEW TSUDA Hideo HATTA Shinji et al. The Disclosure and Audit of the Information as to Going Concern
  YIM Sang-Hyuk  
  SUGIURA Yuko  
  KONOMI Natalie  
  SHIMADA Yasuhito  
  ARAI Misako  
Vol.50 No.3 (December 2002)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YAMADA Toshio “Globalization and the Transformation of Capitalism : An Analysis from the ‘Regulation’ Theory”
  KITAHARA Atsushi “Towards Land Policy of Small Peasantry Principle in Modern Thailand (Part 2)”
  NAKAJIMA Hidehiro “The Impact of International Trade on Wage Inequality in Japanese Manufacturing”
  CAI Dapeng “The Effects of Knowledge Accumulation on Intergenerational Allocation of an Exhaustible Resource with Amenity Value”
  M. J. RAJAPAKSE “Assessing the Relative Efficiency of Automobile Companies in Japan : An Application of DEA Approach”
  S. M. P. SAMARAKOON “Employer-Employee Relational Change (from Pull-Pull to Push-Push), Living Commitment and Self-Organizing Capability”
  MAKI Mitsunobu “Relative Share in Kaldor’s Theory of Increasing Returns and Growth”
  SUGIURA Yuko “Toyota Production System and Worker’s Autonomy : In the Comparison with Socio-technical Systems and Ford System”
  KITANO Shigeto “External Shocks, Capital Inflows, and Growth”
  Shi CHENG “Export Expansion of Chinese Township and Village Enterprises : Patterns, Performance and Characteristics, 1987-1997”
  CHUJO Yoshimi “Ownership Structure and Stock Price of Japanese Firms : An Analysis based on Accounting Valuation Model”
BOOK REVIEW FUKUZAWA Naoki BABA Satoshi, ONOZUKA Tomoji Explorations in the Economic and Social History of the Western World
Vol.50 No.4 (March 2003)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi The 1931 Abandan Gold and the Nature of the Gold Standard
  NAKANISHI Satoru The Profit and Investment of Local Capitalist in the First Half of the 20th century : The Case of the Family of Sakaya in Ishikawa Prefecture
  LIN Ming-hsin Hub-airport Competition, Airline Competition and Economic Welfare
  IWATA Ittetsu Commitiment Research and Its Theoretical Problems
  KONISHI Yoko Proxy Variables for Human Capital in Estimation of Production Function
  NAKABAYASHI Masanari Renewable Resources and Stock Pollution under an Overlapping Generations Model
  BAE Haesun Temporary&Daily Employees and Employment Adjustment in Korea
  KIMURA Taisei An Institutional Analysis of the Japanese Merit-Rating System : With Special Reference to the Development in the 1980s and the Early Part of 1990s
  HOU Hui Ying The Reform of China’s Security Markets and Corporate Governance
  KITAZAWA Mitsuru The Takeover of Hokkaido Coal-Mining and Steamship Company by Mitsui Zaibatsu
SURVEY ARTICLE SATOH Michimasa Asian Academic Accounting Association
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2003


Vol.51 No.1 (June 2003)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAITO Junichi A Study on Comparison between the Financial Crisis in Korea and the Heisei’s Financial Deflation in Japan’
  YAMORI Nobuyoshi Does it matter where transaction takes place?
  HIKI Naoharu Accounting for Retirement Benefits and Corporation Activities in Japan
  ZHANG Liying The Validity of Fair Value Measurement of Financial Liabilities
  KITAZAWA Mitsuru Hokkaido Coal-Mining & Steamship Company and Mitsui Zaibatsu in the 1930s
  OZAKI Kunihiro Free Trade and Internationalism in J.A. Hobson’s Economic Thought
  HISA Shoichi The Effect of Capital Accumulation for Fertility and Child Labor
  KITANO Shigeto Risk Aversion, External Asset Accumulation, and the Exchange Rate
  CAI Dapeng Sustainability Constraint and the Equitable Intergenerational Allocation of an Exhaustible Resource
  HIRAIWA Eriko A Welfare Analysis of Illegal Immigration under Brokers
  YOSHIDA Yasuhide  
  KITANO Shigeto  
  CAI Dapeng  
  IMADA Satoshi  
  KITAZAWA Mitsuru  
  KONDO Kazumine  
Vol.51 No.2 (September 2003)
  Author Title
ARTICLES SATOH Michimasa Empirical Developments of the Funds Flow View of Financial Accounting
  ZHAO Wei German Production Model: It’s Characteristics and Position
  LEE Young-Jun Unemployment in Dual Labor Markets with Labor Migration
  JINNO Masatoshi Costs on a Child, Length of Education, and Accumulation of Human Capital
  FUJITA Nanako The Theory of Cumulative Causation in Gunnar Myrdal
  ZHANG Liying Reconciling the Roles of Accounting for Financial Instruments and Hedge Activities: Searching for the Best Measure of the Hedge of Anticipated Transactions
  IMADA Satoshi The Management of Diversity: From Jaza to Organizational Learning
  M.J.RAJAPAKSE Technical Progress, Efficiency Change and TFP Growth of Japanese Automobile Companies; 1992-2001
BOOK REVIEW YOKOYAMA Teruki NAGAI Yoshio, YANAGIDA Yoshinobu, NAKAZAWA Nobuhiko ” The Growth of Malthusian Theories “
  SUGIOKA hitoshi  
  KIMURA Taisei  
  KONISHI Yoko  
  ZHANG Liying  
  WANG Hui  
  Justine BORNSTEIN  
  HIKI Naoharu  
  NAKAJIMA Hidehiro  
Vol.51 No.3 (December 2003)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KISHIDA Tamiki Organizational Analysis of Industrial Cluster
  Shinichi Nagao The Plurality of Philosophical Discourse in the 18th Century: The Case of Thomas Reid
  LEE Young-Jun Japanese Long-Term Employment Policy in Transition
  S.M.P.Samarakoon The Notion of Organizational Change: In the Standpoint of the Concept of Organizational Commitment
  KATO Hiroshi Planned Obsolescence and Product Liability
  Chuleerat Kongruang FDI, Economic Growth, Trade and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Thailand
  Than Than Aung Agricultural Production in Transitional Economy of Myanmar: Case Study of Thee Chaung Village
  ITOH Azusa An Economic Analysis of Environmental Pollution in the Harris-Todaro Model
Vol.51 No.4 (March 2004)
  Author Title
In Commemoration of Prof. MAKIDO Takao
FAREWELL LECTURE MAKIDO Takao A Study on Japanese Business Management
ARTICLES SATOH Michimasa Preliminary Note on Accounting for Local Currency
  NAGAOO Shinichi The Establishment of Empirical Logic in 18th Century Scottish Moral Philosophy
  MINAGAWA Yoshiteru Managerial Accounting Practices Relevant to the Management of Supply Chain Risks
  KIMURA Shogo An Analysis of Competitiveness Creating Corporate Value
  KISHITA Tetsuhiro Conceptualizing and Measuring The Value of Human Resources
  LIN Qingyun Can The Purchase Method Be Applied In China
  OZAWA Hiroshi Summarize of Studies on Cost Accounting System by Department of Small Group
  SHIMADA Yasuhito Application of Customer Profitability Analysis Using Customer Satisfaction
  KAWAI Shin Price Search and Business Cycles
  KATO Hiroshi New Product Development in the Durable-goods Monopoly
BOOK REVIEW TAKEUCHI Johzen WANG Shuguang, “High Power Haier”
Prof.MAKIDO Takao’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2004


Vol.52 No.1 (June 2004)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NEMOTO Jiro Measuring Managerial Efficiency of Public Sector Organizations
  OHTA Wataru An Empirical Study of the Inter-Firm Cost Diferential of External Finance
  KOZAWA Kazuyuki Unpacking Organizational Learning as Knowledge Creation
  ZHONG He jun Two Frameworks about product innovation: Aview of Interior Integration and Exterior Integration.
  KATO Hiroshi Durable-Goods Monopoly with Supporting Service and Excessive Model Change
  SUZUKI Taira Continuity and Change of Exploring Eyes
  HAO Zhi hao Analysis of Environment-Strategy-Structure-Performance Paradigm
  JINNNO Masatoshi  
  KOBAYASHI Teruyoshi  
  CHUJO Yoshimi  
  SUGA Nobuhito  
  ITOH Azusa  
  KONGRUANG Chuleerat  
  HIRAIWA Eriko  
  KISHITA Tetsuhiro  
Vol.52 No.2 (September 2004)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YOSHIDA Takeshi Tacit Routine and Organizational Thinking
  OHTA Wataru Information of Securities Transactions
  KAYUKAWA Kazue The Reconciliation Requirement for Foreign Listed Companies in the U.S.: The Possibility of Accepting IAS
  MIYAGAWA Masahiro, YOSHIDA Kosaku Global Operations Management and Quality Management of Japanese-owned Manufacturers in China
  LEE Sun-hi Current Conditions and its Analysis of the Risk Information Disclosure of the Japanese Business Corporations
  ZHANG Yuan Yi The Analysis of Reliability Risk in Financial Instruments’ Fair Value Estimation Process -Fair Value of unlisted Derivative Instruments-
  WTANABE Koji Reorganization of Agricultural Marketing in Inter-war Britain -Focused on the Process of Organizing the Milk Trade-
  NAKABAYASHI Masanari  
  MARUYAMA Sawako  
  KAWAI Shin  
  IWATA Kishi  
  ZHONG He jun  
  ZHANG Yuan Yi  
Vol.52 No.3 (December 2004)
  Author Title
ARTICLES ARAYAMA Yuko, WU Haiying Foreign Direct Investment Environments in Western China: A Comprehensive Evaluation and Policy Recommendation
  YOSHIDA Takeshi Self-regeneration of Orgnizations : The Role of Doubt and Surprise/Wonder
  KATO Hideya Tax Evasion and Economic Growth in an Endogenous Growth Model
  TSAI Chan-Wei Strategic Management and Integrated Explanation
  KONISHI Yoko Productivity and Efficiency Analysis of Regional Public Capital Stocks in Japan
  QIAN Feng The Creation of Discontinuous Organization Change
  KOBAYASHI Ayami Market Discipline and Financial System Reforms in Japan Have the reforms been successful in establishing the sound financial system?
  FUJITA Ken The ‘Formation’ of the Franco-Belgian Position in the Negotiation of the Inclusion of the Overseas Territories in the European Economic Community
  ? The Franco-Belgian Administrative Talks on ‘European Common Market and the Overseas Territories’?
  JINNO Masatoshi The Difference in the Optimal Faculty-Student Ratio between Public Schools and Private Schools
BOOK REVIEW OHTA Souichi OHBUCHI Hiroshi, TAKAHASHI Shigesato (eds.) “Demography of Declining Birth Rate”
  NOGUCHI Akihiro  
Vol.52 No.4 (March 2005)
  Author Title
In Commemoration of Prof. YAMADA Toshio, Prof. KITAHARA Atsushi
FAREWELL LECTURE YAMADA Toshio ‘Regulation’Theory and Civil Society
  KITAHARA Atsushi Socio-Economic Change of Rural Thailand: Tracing My Past Monographs of Field Survey
ARTICLES HIRAKAWA Hitoshi An East Asian Community and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
  NABESHIMA Naoki The Historical Development of Post Keynesian Economics: Toward a Synthesis of Keynes and Kalecki
  NISHIZAWA Nobuyoshi, KABIR Mohammod Lutful One Village One Product Movement: Success Story of Rural Development in Japan and Learning Points for Bangladesh
  HARADA Yuji A New Approach of B.Amable to the Theory of Institutions
  FUJII Masaru Japanese Village and Thai Village in Modernization: A Comparative Study of Rural Social History
  ARAI Misako, LECHEVALIER Sebastien The Inequalities between Men and Women in the Japanese Labour Market: A Regulationist Approach
  MORITA Keisuke Taxpayer, Tax Evader, and Income Taxation
  ZHU Yingjun Modeling and Analyzing the Structure and Process of Virtual Enterprise (VE) Based on the View of Loosely Coupled System (LCS)
Prof.YAMADA Toshio’s Works and Carrer
Prof.KITAHARA Atsushi’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2005


Vol.53 No.1 (June 2005)
  Author Title
ARTICLES TAWADA Makoto, FAN Conglai, LI Xiaochun Research on the Property Rights Reform of the Township and Village Enterprises in South Jiangsu of China
  SUGA Nobuhito International Trade under Oligopolistic Competition
  Huang Jie Accounting for Goodwill: On the Change from Amortization to Impairment
  XU Donglan Productivity Growth in the Presence of Environmental Regulations in Chinese Manufacturing Industry
  TAMAI Toshiki Endogenous Growth Model with Public Capital for Consumers and Producers
  SUN Shuqin Illegal Migration and Capital Mobility under the Minimum Wage Legislation of a Host Country: The Case of Different Technologies
  KATO Hideya Tax Evasion Analysis in a Dynamic Framework
  FUJITA Nanako Beyond the Welfare State? - Myrdal’s Vision of “Welfare World”
  NAKAGAWA Toyotaka  
  YOON Dong Sub  
  TSAI Chain Wei  
  KOZAWA Kazuyuki  
  ZHU Yingjun  
  KAYUKAWA Kazue  
  FUJITA Ken  
Vol.53 No.2 (September 2005)
  Author Title
ARTICLES OHTA Souichi ob Switching under Search Equilibrium and Its Implications for Social Welfare
  KAWACHI Keisuke Income Difference and Private Provision of Public Goods
  XU Donglan Productivity Growth, Technological Progress and Efficiency Change in Chinese Manufactureing Industry: A DEA Approach
  ASAI Yoshihiro Do Institutional Investors Discipline Corporate managers in Japan? -Future Prospect of New Style Corporate Governance-
  HUANG Jie Fresh Start Method in the Accounting for Business Combinations
  FUKUDA Natsuko Adam Ferguson’s Reaction to Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”
  TAMAI Toshiki Public Policy and Economic Development
  MORITA Keisuke The Method of Penalty for Tax Evasion and Income Tax Policy: Time Inconsistency Problem
  SUN Shuqin  
  MORITA Keisuke  
  KATO Hideya  
  FUKUDA Natsuko  
  XU Donglan  
  JEONG Kwan-Min  
  NOMURA Jun-ichi  
  KUSU Yukiko  
  QIAN Feng  
Vol.53 No.3 (December 2005)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi A “Plurality of the World” Debate in 19th-Century Britain
  MIYAZAKI Masaya Product lifecycle and changing product concept: Detecting attention of concept builders
  ZHONG Wei Analysis of Appropriate Network Structures for Organizations
  MARUOKA Takashi Reconsideration of Roscher’s Historical Method – with a focus on early books.
  LIU Zhen The Cost Structure of Chinese Software Industry
  OHAMA Ken-ichiro The Dynamic Macroeconomic Effect of a Tax based on Business Size Applying to Corporate Enterprise Taxation
BOOK REVIEW KOGA Daisuke KANAI Yuichi, “The Struggle of Pound Sterling”
  OTOMASA Shota  


Vol.54 No.1 (June 2006)
  Author Title
ARTICLES TSUKADA Hiroshi What does the Maximum Principle Mean?
  YAN Ping Organizational Development Process and Organizational Learning – A Teleological Approach –
  Gabriel KURPIEL Resolving the Banking Sector’s Bad Loans Problem in a Transition Economy: A Case Study of Slovakia
  OHAMA Ken-ichiro Firm, Government Expenditure and Capital Accumulation― in the case of the size- based corporate tax
  ZHANG Ying The countermeasure against frauds of financial statement in Chinese CPA auditing
  ZHAO Lei Strategic Alliance and Performance The Case of Chinese Automobile Companies
  Hao Zhi Hao Revisiting the Theory of Organizational Change
  A.K.Athula Wijewickrama Beyond the Welfare State? - Myrdal’s Vision of “Welfare World”
  TAMAI Toshiki  
  AKIYAMA Kentaro  
  ZHONG Wei  
  MIWA Kanna  
  MUROTA Satoko  
Vol.54 No.2 (September 2006)
  Author Title
ARTICLES OHTA Wataru An Analysis ofEequilibrium Bid-Ask Spreads in Limit Order Markets
  CHUJO Yoshimi The Role of Environmental Disclosure in Capital Market:Investigating the Uncertainty Resolution Effects
  OZAKI Kunihiro J.A.Hobson and Direct Deomcracy
  FUNABASHI Shinichi An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of University Employees’ Annual Income
  TAN Yifei The Development of Demand-to-Supply E-Business Information System in SCM Perspective―A Case Study of Japanese Company in Taiwan―
  AKIYAMA Kentaro Competitive Strategy for Competitive Advantage in the Age of Deregulation
  YAMAKAWA Masaaki A Review of International Comparisons of Brand Accounting
  ZHONG Wei Network in Transformation: How Organization Manages its Relations with Partners
  ZHANG Ying Fraud Auditing and CPA Auditing Reform in American and Japanese
  EGUCHI Tomoaki  
  OHAMA Ken-ichiro  
  KURPIEL Gabriel  
  A.K.Athula Wijewickrama  
  YAN Ping  
  ZHANG Ying  
  ZHAO Lei  
  YAMAKAWA Masaaki  
  YAMASHITA Tsuyoshi  
  DING Ke  
Vol.54 No.3 (December 2006)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi The discovery of Modern market society and its political and socialimplications :An aspect of Scottish political and social thought in the 18th century
  NAKANISHI Satoru Modernization of Transportation Network and Change of Travel Culture(Part 1) :Pilgrimage and Sightseeing Tour in Modern Japan
  KAWAHARA Shinya Spillover Effect, Current Account, and the Composition of Government Expenditure
  Li ChangShu Monopoly firm’s location choice ―The case of absorbing foreign workers―
  KURPIEL Gabriel Privatization in a Transition Economy :Lessons Learnt from the Slovakian Experience
  IRIE Yoko Durable Goods and Strategic Trade Policies ―The case of the third market model in the subgame-perfect equilibrium ―
  SINOZAKI Tsuyoshi Welfare Effects of a Permanent Transfer in a Three-Country, Two-Sector Overlapping Generations Model
SURVEY ARTICLE SATOH Michimasa Measurability of the Circulation Power of Funds under the new Financial Performance Reporting
BOOK REVIEW NABESHIMA Naoki IKEDA Takeshi “Economic Growth and Income Distribution”
Vol.54 No.4 (March 2007)
  Author Title
In Commemoration of Prof. Wago Hajime
SURVEY ARTICLE WAGO Hajime International Conference and More
ARTICLES BAN Kanemi Intergenerational Burden Sharing of GHG Abatement Polices in Japan
  NEMOTO Jiro, KOZAWA Yoshiyuki Multiproduct Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Measurement of Technical Efficiency : An Application to Solid Waste Management
  YOSHIDA Takeshi, S.M.P.SAMARAKOON Symbiotic Commitment and the Process of New Organizational Forms : Mechanism of Chaotic Behaviour and the Structural Formation in Organizations
  TATEISHI Hiroshi Li-Yorke Chaos of a Dynamical System in an Infinite Dimensional Space
  OHTA Wataru Price Clustering and Investor Preferences on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  NAKANISHI Satoru Modernization of Transportation Network and Change of Travel Culture(Part 2) :Pilgrimage and Sightseeing Tour in Modern Japan
  TAMAI Toshiki Indeterminacy and Adjustment Cost in an Endogenous Growth Model with Public Capital
Prof. WAGO Hajime’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2007


Vol.55 No.1 (June 2007)
  Author Title
ARTICLES TATEISHI Hiroshi The Existence of e-optimum Pure Strateg;y Equilibria of Games with Incompete Information
  KONDO Satoshi Public Investment and Government Consumption for Welfare Maximization: An Euler Equation Approach Using Japanese 10-area Data
  KATO Hiroshi A Theoretical Analysis on New Product Introduction, Second?hand Market and Trade?ins.
  KODERA Toshiki Software Compatibility Alter Entry Deterrence
  FUNABASHI Shinichi An Empirical Analysis of the Influence that Educational Background has on Wages
  OHAMA Ken-ichiro Growth and Welfare Effects of Fiscal Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with Public Capital under Consideration of Firm’s Financial Structure
  SHINOZAKI Tsuyoshi  
  FUNABASHI Shinichi  
  LIU Zhen  
Vol.55 No.2 (September 2007)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAKANISHI Satoru Development of Marine Transport in the Sea of Japan nad the Management of Shipowning Merchant of Echigo Area (Part 1): The Case of the House of Itoh Sukemon
  YANAGIHARA Mitsuyoshi SHINOZAKI Tsuyoshi The Effect of the Reforms in Government Expenditure and Public Pension on Japan’s Macroeconomy -The Numerical Analysis under the Debt Maintenance Policy-
  KOJIMA Megumi Corporate Governance in Eurasia
  OZAKI Kunihiro J.A.Hobson and the Problem of International Government
  KONDO Satoshi On the Allocation between Public Investment and Government Consumption in Japan since 1970s and in the Future
  NAKAMURA Takeho Capital Inflow Problem in a Small Open Economy under Asymmetric Information
  LI Changshu  
  WANG Xiahua  
  OHTSU Youko  
  ONISHI Atsushi  
Vol.55 No.3 (December 2007)
  Author Title
Special Issue: A Study of Income Inequality in China
  Jinjun XUE, Stephen DAY Preface
  John KNIGHT Economic Development and the Rural-Urban Divide in China
  Shi LI, Renwei ZHAO Market Oriented Reform and Income Inequality in China
  Haiying WU The West Development Strategy and Regional Disparity in China
  Erbiao DAI, Jinjun XUE Housing Disparity and Income Inequality in Urban China
  Erbiao DAI Migrants, Employment Discrimination and Income Inequality in Urban China: A Case Study of Shenzhen
  Jinjun XUE, Thomas GRIES Human Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution in Urban China: The Case of Shenzhen
  Jinjun XUE, Tadashi SONODA, Yuko ARAYAMA Educational Disparity and Income Inequality in Urban China: A Case Study Based on the Shenzhen Household Survey
  Norio SHIMODA, Hiroyuki TAKAMI Firm Ownership and Income Disparity in China: An Analysis Based on the Mied Oligopoly Model
  Yi ZHANG, Jinjun XUE Social Class Structure and Income Inequality in China: A Study Base on the China Social Dynamic Survey 2006
  Jinjun XUE, Stephen DAY “Buying Time” – Why China is not yet at the Tipping Point: A Case Study of Income Disparity and Social Stability in Shenzhen
  Kenji NOZAKI Regional Disparity in Thailand: Conditions in a Society with Demographic Mobility
ARTICLES NAKANISHI Satoru Development of Marine Transport in the Sea of Japan nad the Management of Shipowning Merchant of Echigo Area (Part 2): The Case of the House of Itoh Sukemon
  KOZAWA Yoshiyuki Technical Efficiency Analysis for Japanese Credit Association
Vol.54 No.4 (March 2007)
  Author Title
In Commemoration of Prof. Wago Hajime
SURVEY ARTICLE WAGO Hajime International Conference and More
ARTICLES BAN Kanemi Intergenerational Burden Sharing of GHG Abatement Polices in Japan
  NEMOTO Jiro, KOZAWA Yoshiyuki Multiproduct Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Measurement of Technical Efficiency : An Application to Solid Waste Management
  YOSHIDA Takeshi, S.M.P.SAMARAKOON Symbiotic Commitment and the Process of New Organizational Forms : Mechanism of Chaotic Behaviour and the Structural Formation in Organizations
  TATEISHI Hiroshi Li-Yorke Chaos of a Dynamical System in an Infinite Dimensional Space
  OHTA Wataru Price Clustering and Investor Preferences on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  NAKANISHI Satoru Modernization of Transportation Network and Change of Travel Culture(Part 2) :Pilgrimage and Sightseeing Tour in Modern Japan
  TAMAI Toshiki Indeterminacy and Adjustment Cost in an Endogenous Growth Model with Public Capital
Prof. WAGO Hajime’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2007


Vol.56 No.1 (June 2008)
  Author Title
ARTICLES HU Dan The Development of the Stock Market and the Convergence of the Accounting Standards in China
  ITO Kanna Economic Revitalization and Birth of State Ownership in Interwar Italy
  MAKINO Tomokazu Which of Governments Should Decide Education Policy, Local or Central?
  NISHIMOTO Kazumi Rational Choice Theory in Political Science and Sociology as a Microecoomic Approach: a Historical Perspective
  EGUCHI Tomoaki Actor in Present Institutional Approaches: Its Theoretical Role and methodological Background
  TAN Yifei  
  IRIE Yoko  
Vol.56 No.2 (September 2008)
  Author Title
ARTICLES LI Xiaochun, LIANG Panke, TAWADA Makoto The Employment Structure of the Development of the Service Industry in the Yangtze River Delta Aria
  NAKANISHI Satoru Business Development of the Kitamae-ship Owner in Kaga Area in Modern Japan
  KOBORI Satoru Development of the Japanese Energy Saving Technology between the interwar and the reconstruction period (Part1): The Case of the Iron and Steel Industry
  DOI Yasuhiro Significance of the Financial Market in an Economic Integration Process-European Experiences and East Asian Contemporary Conditions-
  YAMASHITA Katsuyuki Deferred-tax Accounting for Stock Options
  OZAKI Kunihiro L.T. Hobhouse and the Problem of Living Wage
  NAKAMURA Takeho  
  MAKINO Tomokazu  
  SONG Zengwei  
  ITO Natsuko  
  YANG Zaigui  
Vol.56 No.3 (December 2008)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NISHIMURA Makoto, WATANABE Yoshiya Development of the Japanese Economy and Globalization of Corporations: Taking Mitsui & Co., Ltd. as an Example
  KOBORI Satoru Development of the Japanese Energy Saving Technology between the interwar and the reconstruction period(Part2): The Case of the Iron and Steel Industry
  ENATSU Ikutaro The Perceived Fairness for Rewards (Part 1): Its Conditions and Blockader in Compensation System
  ZHU HongFei Empirical Analysis of Investment behavior under Borrowing Constraints: The Experience of Japanese Economy after the Bubble Collapse
Vol.56 No.4 (March 2009)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi Accumulated Overseas Sterling Holdings and the Attitude of UK at Bretton Woods Conference
  ZHANG Juwei, XUE Jinjun A Comparative Study on the Competitiveness of Chinese Industrial Enterprise
  ENATSU Ikutaro The Perceived Fairness for Rewards(Part 2): The Mechanism of Acceptance of “Unanticipated Consequences” in Rewards
  WATANABE Junji A Study of Firm Action in Serviec Industry
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2007


Vol.57 No.1 (June 2009)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KISHIDA Tamiki On Structural Contingency Theory
  NABESHIMANaoki Michal Kalecki on Economic Policies: The Political Economy of Full Employment
  NISHIMURA Makoto, TANG Mu Analysis of China’s Development Mechanism
  YAMANISHI Yuki Characteristics for Value Relevance of the Foreign Currency Translation
  OTSUKA Yuta  
Vol.57 No.2 (September 2009)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YAMORI Nobuyoshi Commodity Futures as Investment Vehicles for Individual Investors: An Investigation on Commodity Indexes
  DOI Yasuhiro, KOZAKI Takuya, VU Thi Bich Lien Effects of FDI in Vietnam ? Case for Motorcycle and Automobile Industries ?
  TSUCHIHASHI Rikiya The Process of Gaining Legitimacy: A Case of Japanese Nursing Business
  ZHU Hongfei  
  TOMIMURA kei  
  TAN Foong Ming  
  KOZAWA Yoshiyuki  
  YONEDA Koji  
  WATANABE Junji  
  Nguyen Dang Minh  
  HAYASHI Hisashi  
  YAMASHITA Katsuyuki  
  NAKANO Haruyuki  
  LIN Lin  
Vol.57 No.3 (December 2009)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NOZAKI Kenji Consideration on the Effectiveness of the Special Economic Zone Policy in Savannakhet, Laos
  MIZUNO Nobuaki Subprime Problems and U.S. Regional Bank Failures in 2008
SURVEY ARTICLE SATOH Michimasa Usefulness of the Recalculated Earnings Based on Funds Flow Approach: Evidence from Auditor Changes in Japan
Vol.57 No.4 (March 2010)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE TAKEUCHI Nobuhito Government and Market
  MINAGAWA Tadashi Foundation of Economic Policy
  TSUKADA Hiroshi Japanese Economy in Depression – 1991~2007
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi The Anglo-American Financial Agreement and the Crisis of Sterling Convertibility in 1947
  YAMORI Nobuyoshi, NISHIGAKI Narunto Japanese Banks Facing a Big Turning Point
  NAKANISHI Satoru, FUTAYA Tomoko Consumption Life of the Local Wealthy Family in Modern Japan: the Case of the Morita Family
  TATEISHI Hiroshi On the Topological Structure of the Space of Young Measures
  YANAGIHARA Mitsuyoshi, NAKABAYASHI Michiko The Effect of Education Subsidy on Economic Growth and Human Capital Accumulation in Japan
  SHIMIZU Katsutoshi Capital Transactions in National Accounts and Balance of Payments Statistics
  HANAZONO Makoto Equilibrium Bidding Behavior in Scoring Auctions: the Case of Value-for-Money Evaluation
  MAKINO Tomokazu Central and Local Governments’ Educational Investment Levels and the Peer-Group Effect
  KAWAI Shin Coordination Failure under Perfect Competition – A Micro Foundation of Keynes-type Consumption Function-
  TAKEUCHI Johzen Interactions of Japanese Public Sector and Private Enterprises: Pertaining to Japanese Industrial Administrations for Small and Medium Enterprises
  MORITA Yuichi The Effects of Change in Population Structure on Prefectural Residents Tax
  KATO Hiroshi New Product Introduction under Demand Uncertainty : The Real Options Approach
  KATO Hideya Theoretical Studies of Tax Evasion
Prof. TAKEUCHI Nobuhito’s Works and Carrer
Prof. MINAGAWA Tadashi’s Works and Carrer
Prof. TSUKADA Hiroshi’s Works and Carrer
List of B.A.(Econ.) and M.A.(Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2010


Vol.58 No.1 (June 2010)
  Author Title
ARTICLES OKUMURA Ryuhei・CAI Dapeng Environmental Amenities and the Long-run Effects of Conservation Technologies of Renewable Natural Resources
  NAKAMURA Takeho Urban-specific Technological Progress in a Harris-Todaro Model with an Oligopolistic Urban Sector
  SUZUKI Taira Evangelicalism, Science, Natural Theology and the Spirit of Self-Help: David Livingstone’s Vision for African Colonization and Its Intellectual Contexts
  CHINBAT Undram Project Risk Management in the Mongolian Mining Industry
  TAKAHASHI Takayuki Ante-Slave Trade Theories on the Eve of the American Independence: Changing Idea of Africans’ `Liberty’
  SHIKANO Takahiro The Issues Regarding Delegation in a Growth Process of Business Organizations
  NISHIMOTO Kazumi The Ogigin of Rational Choice Theory and Some Aspects of Economic Imperialism
  WATANABE Satoshi  
  SUZUKI Taira  
  CHINBAT Undram  
  LIU Yan  
  ISHII Keisuke  
Vol.58 No.2 (September 2010)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi Scottish Newtonianism in Moral Sciences; Ferguson, Reid, Smith and Scottish Natural Scientists
  XUE Jinjun Factor Analysis on Poverty, Unemployment and Income Disparity in China
  DOI Yasuhiro Effects on Labor Market and Changes of Industrial Structure through the European Economic Integration
  NAKAMURA Takeho Trade-Induced Technical Changes and Wage Inequalities in Developing Contries
  MIZUNO Nobuaki Did the Risks of Japanese Mega Banks Increase During the Global Financial Crisis? The Determinants of CDS Premiums
Vol.58 No.3 (December 2010)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi Thomas Reid on the Plurality of Worlds: Scottish Contexts and Beyond
  OTA Kingo Learning Process of Technology in the Car Electronics Industry
  GOTO Kiyoshi Firm Performance and Worker Separation: An Empirical Analysis Using Firm Level Data
  INAGAKI Yasushi Implementation of Management Accounting System for Revival of SMEs in Japan
Vol.58 No.4 (March 2011)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi The Effect and Influence of the 1949 Sterling Devaluation
  LIU Pengchun・TAWADA Makoto A Theoretical Analysis of International Trade and Recycle in The Heckscher and Ohlin Model
  SUGITA Nobuki The Japanese Experience in Industrial Agglomeration Policies and Its Lessons
  YANAGIHARA Mitsuyoshi Teachers’ Passion and Pupils’ Human Capital Accumulation The Policy Implications from the Interview of Teachers in Elementary Schools -
  TAKAKU Kenya Exchange Rate Policy and Welfare in a Small Open Economy
  FUTAYA Tomoko Medical Expenditure on the Household in Modern Japan
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2011


Vol.59 No.1 (June 2011)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAKAOKA Takayoshi, UCHIDA Hirofumi, YAMORI Nobuyoshi Relationship Finance in Japan(1): Evidence from the Former Part of “Survey on Current Situation of Corporate Finance in Japan
  HU Dan Case Study of NDK, the First IFRS Adopting Japanese Company: Using the Concept of Business Communication
  MIYAZAKI Kei An Analysis of Substitute and Complementary Relation-ships among Several Product Categories Using Disaggregate Data: An Application to Complementary Products of Daily Necessaries
  MIZUNO Nobuaki US Major Banks and the Blobal Financial Crisis
  MIZUNO Nobuaki  
  LIU Pengchun  
  KODERA Toshiki  
  YAKITA Sayaka  
  SHIKANO Takahiro  
  HAN Lihua  
  INAGAKI Yasushi  
  ICHIKAWA Hidetaka  
Vol.59 No.2 (September 2011)
  Author Title
ARTICLES Nakaoka Takayoshi, Uchida Hirofumi, Yamori Nobuyoshi Relationship Finance in Japan(2): Evidence from the Latter Part of “Survey on Current Situation of Corporate Finance in Japan
  FUTAYA Tomoko Consumption of Pay-for-Use Medicine System of Toyama in Modern Gunma Prefecture
BOOK REVIEW ADACHI Takanori Scott A. Shane, The Illusions of Entrepreneurship: The Costly Myths That Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Policy Makers Live By
Vol.59 No.3 (December 2011)
  Author Title
Special Issue: The Development of Dynamic International Economics
  OKUMURA Ryuhei, KARASAWA-OHTASHIRO Yukio, KITANO Shigeto, SAHASHI Yoshinao Preface
  OKUMURA Ryuhei The Post-War International Finance: The Destination of the Key Currency “Dollar”
  SAHASHI Yoshinao Currency Competition within a Search Economy
  KOBAYASHI Teruyoshi Interest Parity and the Forward Premium Puzzle
  JINNO Masatoshi Pay-as-you-go Pension System and Child Allowance-Comparison between the Defined Benefit Pension System and the Defined Contribution Pension System-
  CAI Dapeng Conservation of Environmental Resources in Open Economies
  KITANO Shigeto A Note on Capital Controls in Emerging Market Economies
  KARASAWA-OHTASHIRO Yukio Indeterminacy in Internatinal Macroeconomics
ARTICLES TANAKA Keita Reconsideration of the Methodology in L. Robbins’s An Essay on The Nature and Significance of Economic Science: Focusing on his Rationality and “Ultimate Valuation”
  TAKAKU Kenya  
  TAKAHASHI Takayuki  
  FANG Fang  
Vol.59 No.4 (March 2012)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE SATO Michimasa International Development of the Funds Flow Oriented Accounting View
ARTICLES KIMURA Toshio Reported Earnings and Cash Flows: Predicting Bankruptcy Ability of Cash Flows Pattern
  MUKAI Ichiro Earnings Quality and Value Relevance in the Consolidated Financial Statements: Toward the Convergence of Japanese GAAP to the IFRSs
  MURATA Eiji An Implication of the Financial Accounting Theory of Robert N. Anthony
  KONISHI Noriyuki The Meaning of Cohesiveness of Financial Statement Presentation - Understanding Report of Changes in Financial Position -
  TSUNOGAYA Noriyuki The Holistic View and Financial Statement Presentation
  SAINO Junko Implications of Cash Flow Statement in Accordance with FRS 1
  NOGUCHI Akihiro, FUTAMURA Masako Company Auditor and Stock Options
  HU Dan The Accounting for SMEs in China 2011: Using the Comparison Analysis with Japan and IASB
  KANAI Yuichi The Character and the Significance of the Bank of England Act 1946 (1)
  OZAKI Kunihiro John MacCunn and the Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism


Vol.60 No.1 (June 2012)
  Author Title
ARTICLES KANAI Yuichi The Character and the Significance of the Bank of England Act 1946 (2)
  DU Yang, XUE Jinjun Labor Migration and Income Inequality in China
  SAKUKRAI Hiroaki, SUGITA Nobuki Income Disparity in Thailand and Policy Response
  CHENG Savuth Industry Linkages and Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Firms in Cambodia
  TANAKA Keita  
  GOTO Kiyoshi  
  OTA Kingo  
  FUTAMURA Masako  
  MATSUDA Osamu  
  WEMPI Saputra  
  MIYAZAKI Tomoko  
Vol.60 No.2 (December 2012)
  Author Title
Special Issue on Globalization, Liberalization and Income Inequality
  XUE Jinjun, SONODA Tadashi Preface
  NGUYEN Tien Dung Income Inequality and Migration in Vietnam
  RUEANTHIP Kittipong The Urban-Rural Income Inequality in Thailand: 1996-2011
  KATO Mariko The Role of Migration and Remittances for the Poor in Growing India: Perspectives on Social Classes in Bihar
  KIM Chang-Nam Migration and Agricultural Development in Korea
  MAKINO Fumio, LUO Huanzhen The Influence of Household Income, Education Attainment and Social Class of Parents on Children’s Education Achievement in China
ARTICLES ASAI Yoshihiro, TAKAKU Kenya, YAMORI Nobuyoshi Corporate Purchase of Insurance in Japan: Survey Results
  DOI Yasuhiro, SUZUKI Kensuke Transboundary Labor Market in European Border Region – Case of Oberrhin Region-
  NISHIMOTO Kazumi K. J. Arrow and the University of Chicago at the time of publication of Social Choice and Individual Values
  TAKEUCHI Yusuke An Estimate of the Value of Rail Transport in Colonial Korea and its Application
  MATSUNAMI Kyoko Public Interest and National Intervention in the Debates on the Electric Telegraphs Bill of 1868 in Britain: The Deffusion of New Technology and the Concept of Publicness
Vol.60 No.3 (March 2013)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE KISHIDA Tamiki From 0rganization Theories to Organization Theory
ARTICLES YOSHIDA Takeshi Two Types of Knowledge Creation During the Startup Phase: Toward Theorization of Entrepreneurial Knowledge Creation
  KOBASHI Tsutomu Toward a Theory of Organizational Environment and Inter-organizational Relationship
  FUJIKAWA Natsuko Organized and Organizing in High-hazard Organizations
  SUGIURA Yuko The Creation and Development of the Organization, and Technological System
  MIYAZAKI Masaya Forming and Profiting Platform Businesses: A Case of the Matching Website for Architects
SURVEY ARTICLES Special Issue: Current Trend in Global Management of Japanese Firms
  YAMADA Motonari Preface
  NISHIMURA Makoto A View on Global Human Resources Development
  TAKAKUWA Soemon The Present State and the Related Problems of Global Logistics
  YAMADA Motonari Current Management Issues in Global Manufacturing
  ENATSU Ikutaro International Employment Management: What Have Japanese MNCs Done?
Special Issue: Globalization, Liberalization and Income Inequality (sequel to 60-2)
  GUO Lin, YUKIHARA Tatsuto Income Disparity and Carbon Emissions:Evidence from Cross-Country Panel Data
ARTICLES BAMBANG Pramono An Empirical Assesment of the Effects of Capital Requirements on Banks’ Loan Portfolios and Monetary Policy in Indonesia
  UMEGAKI Hirotsugu Labour and Welfare in Interwar Britain: An Analysis of the Administration of National Health Insurance
BOOK REVIEW KISHIDA Tamiki NAKATA Yoshihiro, Evolutionary Marketing:A Scenario of Transaction in Comlexity
  TERASAWA Asako  
Prof. KISHIDA Tamiki’s Works and Carrer
Vol.60 No.4 (March 2013)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE TAWADA Makoto A Theoretical Analysis of International Trade with a Public intermediate Good
  HIRAKAWA Hitoshi Akamatsu Kaname and the Nagoya College of Commerce: An Essay on the Birth of Flying Geese Model and its Development
ARTICLES OKAWA Masayuki, IGUCHI Tatsuya On the Revenue Implication of Trade Liberalization under Bertrand Competition
  JEONG kwang min Military-oriented Development and Dilemmas in North Korea: A Choice of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un’s Regime
  MORI Nobuhiro, OKAMURA Makoto Fiscal Efficiency of Government Policies
  EGUCHI Tomoaki An Essay on Autonomous Mutual Assistance among Households in Thailand: Explaining an Institutional Theoretical Idea with an Empirical Case
  KONDOH Kenji Globalization and Economic Welfare under the Irregular Employment of Domestic Workers
  TOKUMARU Norio Managing Knowledge and Human Resources in Knowledge Intensive Industries in Emerging Economies: The Case of Indian ICT Industry
  SUGA Nobuhito On the Social Desirability of Free Entry in a Vertically Linked Industry: The Case of a Small Open Economy
  NAKAYA Nobuhiko Capitalism or Party – State Capitalism?
  KAWAI Shin Automobile Industry and Economic Growth in Thailand
  KANAI Yuichi European Payments Union and the Sterling’s Return to Convertibility (1)
  YAMORI Nobuyoshi New Zealand’s Kiwibank
Prof. TAWADA Makoto’s Works and Career
Prof. HIRAKAWA Hitoshi’s Works and Career
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2013


Vol.61 No.1 (June 2013)
  Author Title
ARTICLE KANAI Yuichi European Payments Union and the Sterling’s Return to Convertibility (2)
  DANNO Mikio, NEMOTO Jiro, YAMAGUCHI Takahiro A simulation analysis of the feed-in tariff for residential solar electricity
  TAKAGI Koki The Mechanism of Industrial Cluster: In Terms of Inter-Organizational Relations
  KALIBINUER Keyimu China’s Subsidies on Exports and USA Countervailing Duties: Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Their Market Effects and Efficiency
  ZUO Hong Informal Employment in China-Review of the Definitions and Grasp of the Actual Condition-
BOOK REVIEW KAWASAKI Nobuki KOBORI Satoru, The Energy Revolution in Japan during 1920-1960
  KOBORI Satoru A rejoinder to Prof. N. KAWASAKI’s book-review
  WANG Wenming  
  YAMADA Eri  
  LV Xin  
  TAKAGI Koki  
  ABE Masaru  
  SAHASHI Tomokazu  
  CHENG Savuth  
Vol.61 No.2 (September 2013)
  Author Title
ARTICLES LV Xin, DONG Weijia, WU Jingyi Energy Consumption and Economic Growth:Evidence from 5 Asian Countries
  KOIDE Kenichi Reason for institutional change caused by central actors
  SUN Baihui Subsidiary Staffing in Multinational Enterprises: Entry Mode Strategy and Performance-An Empirical Analysis of Japanese Manufacturing Subsidiary in China
BOOK REVIEW ITOH Hideshi Robert Gibbons & John Roberts (eds.) The Handbook of Organizational Economics
Vol.61 No.3 (December 2013)
  Author Title
ARTICLE NAGAO Shinichi The Plurality of Worlds in the Late 19th Century Japanese Astronomical books
  FANG Fang, GAO Minghua, DONG Weijia How does Corporate Governance Affect Earnings Management in China?: In the View of Financial Monitoring
  HASHIMOTO Masahiro Tendency of settlement by a merchant banker in the Bank of Amsterdam: The case of Hope & Co.
  MATSUNAMI Kyoko The Discourse Analysis of the Public Interest in the Debateson the Electric Telegraphs Bill of 1868 in Britain
  SAKAI Ai Imcome Disparity and Child Care Subsidy
  ZUO Hong  
Vol.61 No.4 (March 2014)
  Author Title
ARTICLE NAGAO Shinichi The Development of the Idea of the Plurality of Worlds in Early Modern Europe
  TSUNOGAYA Noriyuki, SUGAHARA Satoshi, Parmod Chand The Impact of Type of Lease Accounting Standards on the Judgments of Japanese Professional Accountants
  YANAGIHARA Mitsuyoshi Schools, Sociality and Pupils’ Human Capital Accumulation: The Policy Implications from the Interview of Teachers in Elementary Schools II
  TANAKA Keita From P. H. Wicksteed to L. Robbins: The Similarities in their Methodology and View of Human Nature
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2014


Vol.62 No.1 (June 2014)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi The Diffusion of Astronomical Pluralism in the 18th Century: Astronomers and Science Writers
  DOI Yasuhiro, BRYER Roger Philip, VU Thi Bich Lien Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam:An Empirical Analysis of Productivity Growth in Manufacturing Industries
  MIZUNO Nobuaki Internal Audit and Firm Value in Japanese Regional Banks
  VU Thi Bich Lien Small Privately-Owned and Large State-Owned Manufacturing Firms in Vietnam: A Productivity Comparison for 2000-2005
  OKIMOTO Madoka Global Food Prices: Affected by Economic Growth, Population Changes and Biased Preferences
  KATO Risa The Low Carbon Green Growth Strategy in South Korea: Study from Ecological Modernization Perspective
  KOMURA Mizuki  
  BAMBANG Pramono  
  OKADA Tomohisa  
  SAKAI Ai  
  HASHIMOTO Masahiro  
  ZHAO Run  
  SANG Haixia  
  TANG Xuzhong  
Vol.62 No.2 (December 2014)
  Author Title
ARTICLES HU Dan Towards High Quality Audit: Discussion on the 2014 IAASB Framework for Audit Quality
  DONG Weijia International Transportation and Environmental Regulation
  CHE Wenjiao Product Differentiation and Collusion in a Two-Sided Media Market
  LIU Ye The Effects of Monetary Policy on the Stock Returns of Different Financially Constrained Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Case
  CHE Wenjiao  
  YUE Bohan  
Vol.62 No.3 (March 2015)
  Author Title
Special Issue: Simulation Analysis as a Tool of Operations Management
  TAKAKUWA Soemon Preface
  TAKAKUKWA Soemon Simulation Analysis as a Tool of Operations Management
  NOMURA Junichi Operations Management and Simulation in Agriculture
  MIWA Kanna A Study on the Application of Simulation in the Service Industry
  TAN Yifei Simulation Analysis of Trucks Dispatch System for Mining Planning Utilizing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  GAKU Rie ICT-Based Information Utilization for Production and Logistics Systems of Convenience Stores
ARTICLE HU Dan The Chinese Accounting Standards for SMEs in 2014:Comparison Analysis with Japan and IASB
Vol.62 No.4 (March 2015)
  Author Title
FAREWELL LECTURE ANDO Takaho Rethinking of History of Social Thought: in the Age of its Formation and Transformation
  KANAI Yuichi The Significance of Peel’s Bank Act in the Study of Monetary History
SURVEY ARTICLE KATO Hideaki From Anomalies to Behavioral Finance
ARTICLES KISHIKAWA Fujio Max Adler and Marxism
  OZAKI Kunihiro D. G. Ritchie and the War in South Africa
  CAI Dapeng The Invisible Hand, the Helping Hand, and the Grabbing Hand: A Welfare Analysis
  OTSUKA Yuta Theory and Practice in the thought of Justus Moser
  UCHIDA Ryo The Role of Evidence on the Study of Social Problems
  KOGA Daisuke Some Aspects of the Overseas Business of London Clearing Banks in the Early Twentieth Century
  TANGE Yusuke, NAGURA Yuhei, IKEDA Naoshi, INOUE Kotaro An Empirical Test of the β-Anomaly with Multifactor Model
  OKADA Katsuhiko Attention and Sotck Price
SURVEY ARTICLE FUKUZAWA Naoki Recent Arguments about German Social [Welfare] State (“Sozialstaat”):Transition of the Arguments Facing the Transformation of the Principle of Social Benefits in 2000s
Prof. ANDO Takaho’s Works and Career
Prof. KANAI Yuichi’s Works and Career
Prof. KATO Hideaki’s Works and Career
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2015


Vol.63 No.1 (June 2015)
  Author Title
ARTICLES SANG Haixia, NEMOTO Jiro, IWAO Satoshi Current Status and Challenges of the Home Health-care Using ICT
  LV Xin, DONG Weijia Empirical Study on Financial Cooperation in Asia: Will China and Japan Hinder Financial Integration?
  SHIN Sungsu Historical development of Korean welfare policy : From Park Chung-hee to Park Geun-hye
  OKUDA Masayuki  
  SUSA Taiki  
  LIU Ye  
  ICHIMURA Hikaru  
  HAMADA Tomomi  
  SUH Wooseok  
Vol.63 No.2 (December 2015)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAGAO Shinichi Ecological Modernisation and Smart Specialisation: Basic Concepts behind Europe 2020 and its Regional Policy
  TAKEUCHI Makito Development of New Manipulation Method of Construal Level for the Purpose of the Application to Marketing Research: Suggestion Based on Construal Level Theory and Mental Simulation and Experiment
SURVEY ARTICLE SATO Nobuyuki Report by the Chubu-led Cool Japan Promotion Committee
Vol.63 No.3 (February 2016)
  Author Title
ARTICLE LI Larry, XUE Jinjun A Review of Carbon Studies
  FANG Fang, GAO Minghua, SENBA Hu Dan Executive Ability, Industry Competition and Executive Pay: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Listed Companies
  DOI Yasuhiro, YOROZU Chie How Has ASEAN Economic Community Influenced Japanese Corporate Strategies?: Interview reports from Thailand and Singapore
  GU Junjian Managers’ Incentive of Earnings Management and the Changes in Accounting Standards: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies
Vol.63 No.4 (March 2016)
  Author Title
Special Issue: Households and Market in Economics
  ARAYAMA Yuko Preface
  ARAYAMA Yuko Price theory: Economic Theory for a Household
  TAKETOSHI Kazuki Decision-Making of Intrahousehold Resource Allocation: Household Production and Collective Model
  TAKI Atsuhiro Household Production Function Approach and its Application: A Survey
  MIYANAGA Teru Economic Growth with Labor Transfer between Household – Labor Market
  SUGIURA Tatsuaki A Study on Household Production and the Allocation of Time
  DING Hongwei The Application of Household Production Function in China
  WATANABE Satoshi Volunteer, Ethical Consume and Household Production
  SONODA Tadashi A Brief Review of Studies on Agricultural Household Models
  DOI Yasuhiro Female Labor Participation and Household’s Production in Japan: Verification based on Becker’s Work
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2016


Vol.64 No.1 (June 2016)
  Author Title
ARTICLES DAI Yande/ XUE Jinjun China’s Energy Model Change and Green Development
  NAITO Koki Systematization of Loosely Coupled System Theory and General System Theory
  YOU Mo On the Ownership of Carbon Emission Rights in Emission Trading Scheme
  WANG Yixuan  Knowledge Integration by Cross-Functional Teams: Based on Nissan Motor’s Case
  PAN Lijun  
  YANG Wenhe  
Vol.64 No.2 (September 2016)
  Author Title
ARTICLES ADACHI Takanori Entrepreneurship, Financial Intermediation, and Inequality
  GUAN Shu A Quantile Analysis of Intergenerational Income Mobility in Urban China Based on CHIP Data
SURVEY ARTICLE NOGUCHI Akihiro Accounting in the Big Data Era
 BOOK REVIEW MAEDA Naoya  KANAI Yuichi, The abdication of pound sterling
  KAWASAKI Ayako  
Vol.64 No.3 (February 2017)
Author Title
ARTICLES XUE Jinjun, Luo Chuliang, GUO Lin Good Inequality and Bad Inequality: An Evaluation of the Impact of Income Disparity on Economic Growth in China
  GUAN Shu Using Education and Occupation to Measure Intergenerational Mobility in Urban China
SURVEY ARTICLE MANGYO Eiji Two Pieces of Evidence for Causal Relationship from SES to Health
Vol.64 No.4 (March 2017)
  Author Title
ARTICLES YAMADA Moronari Rethinking about the Management of
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  YANASE Akihiko Theoretical Studies of International Tourism as Trade in Services: A Survey
  ADACHI Takanori/ EBINA Takeshi The Welfare Effects of Oligopolistic Third-Degree Price Discrimination when Own and Cross Price Elasticities Are Constants
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2017


Vol.65 No.1 (June 2017)
  Author Title
ARTICLES WANG Dan, ZHOU Rong, YUKIHARA Tatsuto Farmers’ Recognition and Adaptation Behaviors in Responding to Climate Change: A Case Study of Primary Rice and Oilseed Rape-Producing in Wuxue Area
  NAKAMURA Sayaka, MARUYAMA Shiko Cross-sectional Analysis on Coresidence of Elderly Parents and Their Children in Japan
  TAKEUCHI Makito  
  YONEOKA Hidemasa  
  GUAN Shu  
  NOZAKI Kenji  
  BUTABAEV Renat  
  GU Junjian  
  WANG Yixuan  
  MIAO Xinyun  
  SUN Baihui  
  KOBAYASHI Hideyuki  
Vol.65 No.2 (September 2017)
  Author Title
ARTICLES  NISHI Akira  Income Category of Directors’ Remuneration of Family Corporations – From Relationship with Small and Medium-sized Corporate Taxation
   INUZUKA Atsushi Did the Openness in Auto-Parts Transaction Progress?
   YANG Chengning  

Vol.65 No.3・4 (March 2018)
  Author Title
ARTICLES NAKASHIMA Hideki  Policy Portfolio Selection and Efficient Rebalancing Strategy 
   ARAWATARI Ryo Differences in the Population Growth Rate and Government Debt: A Dynamic Political Economy Analysis
   YANG Chengning  “Empirical knowledge” transmission through storytelling transmission method
  KATO Risa  Development and Diversity of the Ecological Modernization Theory
  NIIMI Junichiro Predicting Consumer Purchase in Competing Firms using the Variety of Online Behavior: An Examination of the Theoretical Background Compared to RFMC
  Frendy Industry Level Audit Pricing Competitiveness of the Japanese Market from Big 4 to Big 3 Period
SURVEY ARTICLE TAKAHASHI Hidenori Selective Disclosure: the Case of the Japanese Securities Market
List of B. A. (Econ.) and M. A. (Econ.) Degrees Conferred in March 2018